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Watch Island mural, video blog of ongoing mural

This is the 1st video in a series of videos that will be posted to show you how I do a mural. Each day I will post a short video blog to update you on progress and show you how a mural comes together one day at a time. 

September 24, 2019

Day 1 :

September 25, 2019

Day 2 :

Day 2 :

September 26, 2019

Day 3:

September 27, 2019

Day 4:

About Me

How i became an artist

Artist Kelly Curry 2018

I was 36 years old when I 1st picked up a paintbrush, that was 18 years ago. I had no idea before that that I could even paint, even though i sketched a little bit here and there, mostly in my teenage years. I had worked for my father's business for over 22 years and one day I walked into his office and asked him when it was gonna be my turn to sit in his chair and make all the big bucks. At the time I was making about $10 an hour which was OK but I was looking towards my future. My father looked up at me and said to me, "Kell this is a man's world, and this is a man's business and your brother's gonna take it over." And I was like," well dam I quit!" But my dad looked at me and laughed knowing that I had quit a 1000 times before and i had come back. This time was different. I knew there was no going back there was nothing to go back to, there was nothing to work for. During that time I had been a 1/2 owner in motorcycle building shop doing fabrication and I sold out to my partner. With some money that I had rolling in, i knew i'd be ok for about 2 years, I knew that I had that much time to figure out what it was that I wanted to be. The 2 years had gone by and I had nothing going on and I was just about broke. A girl I knew had told me I should go see a psychic and see if they could help me put me in a direction and while I wasn't really into it I was lost on options so i went. When I got to the psychics shop they asked me how long I wanted a reading for and I only had a $100 in my pocket and that was all I had. Almost I left but I decided to stay. I paid the $100 and let the woman do my reading. She was weird as h***, she was talking to the sky and talking to me in writing some things down. For 55 minutes I sat there looking at her thinking, oh my God I just wasted my $100, but at the very end she asked me if I knew somebody, a man, someone named Charles. I said no, I had no idea who was. On my way home I called my ex and asked him if we had known anybody named Charles, when he said,"Hey Kell you know that saw that's in the kitchen", well we had this huge 6ft , 2 man saw with a painting on the blade in the kitchen. I had found it when I bought the house 7 years earlier and I tried to contact the people that we bought the house from to see who's saw it was, and said they had no connection to it and didn'didn't know where it came from. I don't know where that saw came from, still dont to this day, they swore the place was empty when they left. It wasn't anything that I brought but there it was so I put it in my kitchen and I looked at it every day for 7 years. My ex said, "h*** you been looking at that saw saying you could paint like that why don't you find that guy and take lessons I think his name is Charles, Charlie Flagg who is a mural artist". So that same day I went to my girlfriends house, the one that told me about the psychic, and I had the tape and I played the tape and I was complaining about how I had wasted a $100 had still no idea what I was supposed to do with my life. At the very end of the tape when it gets to the part about Charles she says, "Do you know who charles's is?" I said no, I have no idea don't know anybody my ex don't know anybody by that name but he thinks that I should take art lessons from some dude named Charlie flag and learn how to paint. At that point my girlfriend exclaimed "Kelly! I know Charlie Flagg! I just got off the phone with him before you came here!"( i had known her 12 years) and with that she called him back and told him a little bit about the story. He came over about midnight sat in front of me at the kitchen table, and proceeded to roll a big fat joint. He looked a little bit like a disheveled Albert Einstein, bald on the top, white hair wild out the side, a white T-shirt on with paint all the way down the front of it, paint all over his shoes, paint all over his hands and at least a ten day beard. When he finished rolling that joint he lit it up, he had listened my whole story. He took a big draw and when he finally let it out he said, "so kid, you wanna paint? I said, yes sir I do", and with that he told me he didn't need no partner he didn't need nobody in his backyard and I was going to do exactly what he told me to do and I wasn't to touch anything that I wasn't supposed to touch. I sat there thinking to myself this just might work, cause I'm a stubborn Irish girl, and here I was being told how it was going to go. I thought maybe this will work. And that was the beginning of my painting career   But now here I am 18 years later with over 450 murals, interior and exterior, in over 7 States and 2 countries. I feel I have come a long way from the 1st days of carrying a paint can with one brush, and painting a black blob on some crazy surface,( think rocks and delapitated old barns, for free) and now I have the ability to paint huge structures from scaffolding, high lifts cherry pickers or window washing equipment. I've lost my sense of fear and have replaced it with a huge feeling of satisfaction. I love what I do, I am so happy to have found that thing, that divine mission, that is mine. I hope to enjoy it for many years to come.There is an undeniable satisfaction in taking an area that is gray or drab and lifeless and adding something that is beautiful and vibrant and lively that helps to lift the soul of people up and give everyone a reason to be proud of where they live. From the poorest barrios of Central America to the cities and neighborhoods of the USA, I have witnessed the change in peoples feelings about thier hometown after creating a work of art just for them. It lightens the spirit, and creates smiles that last decades.

My Medium


I work with acrylic paint but I mostly work with exterior house paints and when it comes to exterior house paints I mostly work with Benjamin Moore.  At this point in my life I've painted over 450  Interior and exterior murals and I can definitely tell you that Benjamin Moore paint looks better, acts better, feels better and holds its colors better and longer and fresher than any other paint I've ever used. When it comes to sitting down and working in front of my canvas I like to use acrylic paints. But I don't stop there. I like to organize and create. I like to work  in water colors for my sketches for my clients and some day I could see myself working with oils

My Inspiration


Nature. Nature is my inspiration watching animals watching the trees watching the clouds roll by. We take it for granted that those things are easy to paint but they're not. it took me 10 years to look at my own clouds and think that I was doing good and even so I still struggle to make the cloud the way I want to, especially when your a mural artist, the clouds are much bigger. To me that is true creativity, to be such a master painter that you could design the cloud to look 3-D like its moving breathing ....that's the epitome of art. At least that's what I think. So nature is my inspiration, I give it love and I feel it love me back. This brings me to a spiritual life, and so the basis for my imagination comes from my spiritual life which becomes my inspiration for my artistic life. Check out my muralist art works!